[Suggestion] A new one about comparing ships

I was playing yesterday, which actually means I was designing ships for an hour and a half (1.5 hrs). During that 1.5 hrs of “playing” I literally wrote down stats and tables comparing my cruisers, frigates, and finally fighters. I did this because I want a kicking fleet that’ll be powerful, yet efficient. Can withstand damage, but is also modestly price. Their are literally so many combinations for this game, that I kept changing designs. From then on, I kept wishing I had a way to compare 2, or maybe 3 cruisers at a time to compare things like cost, speed, armor, weight, et al. A sidebar, kind of like in Galactic Civizations 2 planet sidebar, that compared all of my classes of ships. I want to know what kind of damage each of my ships is doing. I need a way to really see if my ship can survive a full on assault, yet take down some shields. Comparison makes for best decisions, but there really isn’t a way to do that.

I realize that I might be asking for a lot, but I just want this game to rule even more than it already does. I love this game, and I’ve turned into a total forum geek because of it.


Have you checked out the module stats spreadsheet? It’s quite handy. viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2928

As for ship to ship comparisons, yeah that might be handy. Sometimes I’ve been wondering about the cost effectiveness of different variations of the same design particularly between various factions,