[Suggestion] Add a set of "Don't Fire On <blah>" orders.

It would often be useful to tell a ship NEVER to fire on fighters, no matter if they’re the only targets in range, because it will waste slow-recharging weapons on them. Sometimes you might want to issue the same sorts of orders for frigates and cruisers too, so, I’d like to see a set of three:

Do Not Fire On Fighters
Do Not Fire On Frigates
Do Not Fire On Cruisers

orders added to the list, please.

If possible, they should be sensibly ignored if there are no other targets left. Along that note, you may also wish to consider

Only Fire On Fighters
Only Fire on Frigates
Only Fire on Cruisers

which would do much the same thing, especially if they could be combined so people could target a and b, but not c.

That is a truly awesome idea, and I definitely think it should go in.

Would a “forward” and other spacial order be given ? To tell to a ship to go as deep as possible in or behind (or around) the ennemy line ?

I really that there is really a lot of possible refinement and potential behind all these orders…
Well, we will have to learn to use all the existing one before !

A similar thing might be useful for anti-shield ships: “Only fire on shielded vessels” or somesuch thing. It would keep the ships doing what they’re good at: taking down shields, while your ‘vulture’ ordered ships finish the job.

Agreed. One for only attacking shielded ships, another preferring non-shielded ships whenever possible.

I would have to say…

…orders/tactics is a good idea. I would stop there though. The idea of only targeting 1 specific type or being a ‘shield killer’ ship is… Well I personally don’t like it, but it could work out for the best.

Well, having shield killer ships can be a viable tactic, I think it’s even mentioned in the manual. And as shields are down permanently once overloaded, you might want a roving force helping to take them down, rather than sitting there and plugging away ineffectively against a heavily armoured ship.

I would love it if this could be done weapon by weapon. Don’t shoot the fighters with missiles, but do shoot them with the backup lasers!