[Suggestion] Alt-tab option

Basically want the option to have the game keep running when it lacks focus. I don’t want to watch half the battles (especially long ones). I’d rather go chat in IRC or something while they fight it out, but can’t because selecting the IRC window pauses the fight.

Of all the games to want to play without watching… :-p

I mean, it’s your preference, nothing wrong with it. It’s just kind of funny, given the game’s premise.

I run the tournament and I would love that option. The number of fighter duels I have to sit through in a single round is mind numbing even on 4X speed. Currently I put the game window as far down as I can while still being in focus so that I can read something while the fighters chip away at whatever they’re fighting.

anyone else find fighters survive a lot longer against ships on 4x speed?

hmmm… i have a sudden suspicion that projectile impact calculations work differently at different speed settings. that would be (potentially) bad, as if you played a fight at 1x one fleet could destroy another - and at 4x never hit once.