Suggestion - Analyer

Currently upgrading the Analyzer only reduces the production cost by an insignificant amount, $1 per level. As the bulk of the cost on analyzing an ingredient is the production cost and it can take a significant amount of time to full analyze an ingredient; especially on the higher tiers. I would much rather have the upgrades reduce the time to analyze an ingredient by percentage e.g. 10% per level.

I thought Tim had mentioned doing this in one of his VBlogs and had hoped it would show up before release.
(Edit: It was in VBlog #19 @1:01:30)

I believe it’s already an option when creating a custom game to choose how quickly Analysers analyse. I think it’s 50%-200%.

Though I kinda agree that the upgrade points for the Analysers is pretty pointless considering it knocks off very little cash considering how much you spend on the ingredient to get it there and then just basically throw it away.

I agree the $1 cost decrease is pretty useless (thought maybe it was meant to dissuade us from wasting upgrades on analyzer).
I like the idea of increasing the speed (decreasing # needed to analyze) as an upgrade, particularly for higher level upgrades of analyzer maybe.

— a question on analyzer speed ---------
I’m curious as to what the “normal” range of # ingredients that need to be analyzed to find the max is.
It helps in planning to know about how long and how much $ it will take to analyze.
I believe nuisance/side effects normally are faster and cures are a bit longer.
Guessing that side effects are in the 25 to 30 range and cures in the 35 to 45 range?

Some tests playing w/ custom game and modifying analyzer speed:

first one found side effect (Sleepiness) at 27 ingredients and cure (Hypertension) at 42 ingredients.
The $ are the total processing cost (and the maths for # ingredients)
leave at 100% (1.0)
sleepiness at $216 (/$8 = 27)
Relieves Hypertension $336 (/$8 = 42)

set anayze to 200% (2.0)
sleepiness at $112 (/$8 = 14)
Painkiller $160 (/$8 = 20)

FWIW, also played around editing the “custom” files in BigPharma/Maps directory, changing the “testingSpeed” to ranges not allowed in the interface.
at 500% ( “testingSpeed”: 5.0)
bar showed way to right on analyzer speed
Fatigue at $48 (/$8 = 6)
Soothes Cold $72 (/$8 = 9)

10% (“testingSpeed”: 0.1) I don’t recommend doing this.
set anayze to 0.1
bar showed to left

Dry Mouth at $2200 (/$8 = 275)
Relieves Hypertension $2824 (/$8 = 353)

Haven’t seen a reply, so did some more testing. Now think that the possible ranges for the # of ingredients needed to be analyzed change for these:
(these are guesses on the ranges)
Cures 15 45
Nuisance effects (no catalyst) 5 35
Cat 2 15 45
Cat 3 25 60
Cat 4 30 75
Cat 5 50 85
Cat 6 60 95

These are the max ranges I’ve actually found:
Cures 18 45
Nuisance effects (no catalyst) 8 31
Cat 2 18 45
Cat 3 25 56
Cat 4 31 75
Cat 5 71 85
Cat 6 50 51

Can anyone confirm the actual possible ranges?