[Suggestion] Attack/move orders

One thing I’ve realised is that while you can modify attack priorities and unit position, you don’t have much influence over where a ship goes. Quite often in the missions, there will be a strong and weak flank or a particular formation that I wish to attack. However, while I can place my cruiser formation opposite the guys I want to gratuitously vaporise, I can’t tell them to attack this bunch first; what then happens is that they’ll drift into the center where an almighty ruck is kicking off and ignore the group I want them to kill.

Ideally I’d like some form of “Attack this ship” order or a primitive waypoint system, but would this totally mess up the drop n’ play aspect of the game?

A simple directional function might work. Have an order that let’s you point an arrow away from your ship at any angle, and it will go in that direction until any enemies come in range.

I agree that there should be a “Move to Waypoint” behavior that allows general movement. Maybe you should be able to chain multiple “Move to Waypoint” behaviors so that you can create flanking maneuvers.

Even if you can’t chain orders, so as to avoid too much micro-management, it would be enough to initially get your ships into combat with the right guys. Creating groups (squadrons/wings?) of ships would make the process a bit easier.