[Suggestion] Automated Dramatic Camera Movements

While a good portion of the time I’m going to want control of what I’m looking at during a battle to better assess what I need to alter in my fleet, but sometimes I just want to see ships fighting and exploding in an awesome manner! I mean, that’s the name of the game.

I suggest an option during battle where the view automatically cuts to where the action is, whether it be fighters just intercepting a new frigate, a missile ship launching a volley, or a flagship cruiser coming to it’s demise. These scenes would slowly pan, zoom or track a ship. In a close fight between two targets, the view could pan from one ship to another. There could also be an option to set how long between cuts, have it cut at random intervals, or, better yet, have it cut to a new scene when the game determines the action is over.

With this enabled every battle would look like a trailer for the game!