[Suggestion] Battle Phases

Battle Phases suggestion:

Battle begins.
For 30 percent of the battle duration: Light Phase.
Only light turrets and light troops can be deployed.

Medium Phase
For 30 percent of the battle duration: Medium Phase.
Only medium turrets and medium troops can be deployed.

Heavy Phase
For 40 percent of the battle duration: Heavy Phase.
All turrets and all troops can be deployed.

This adds more game depth. It means the defender has to think about long term turret positioning, in order to carry over the phases as many turrets as possible without deconstructing. The defender also needs to consider what turret groupings will work as the phases advance. Unit designs require more thought, since the battle will have 3 distinct phases.

It’s also a better way to reduce use of the basic defender strategy. Which consists of 1. Deploy a spattering of machine guns. 2. Select the biggest, heavy turret you have and just keep placing it until the battle ends. 3. On an especially tough battle, place a spattering of the other turret type (anti-armour or anti-shield) accordingly.

Also:- Greatly reduce heavy weapon accuracy vs speed. At the moment, super heavy cannons etc have no problem wiping out any fast units.

Regarding your last point, there was a bug, of sorts in the game whereby the game only took the speed of the enemy unit into calculation, not its’ own speed, and this is now rectified, so you should find that fast moving units now need more accurate targeting systems, if that helps at all :smiley: