[SUGGESTION} Challenge and Scenario in Objective Header

Can we get modification to “Objectives” header to add the “Challenge” and “Scenario”?

It helps to know where the current game is in the Challenge/Scenario trees (and I admit it is
in Vids and Twitch Streams where I have the hardest time figuring it out) - but it seems the info is
there already for the “saveinfolabels” code in strings-en.data (easy for me to say).

Here’s a text mod’d in example (Challenge=Intermediate, Scenario = Big Money Challenged) :
Color coding Challenge and Scenario would probably help (hey - at least I didn’t ask for a shrubbery).

Seconded… would make recording a series easier to edit :slight_smile:

Nice appreciation, but instead of a double dot (:), I’d use a middle line (-)
(Sorry, I don’t know they are called in English)


Completely offtopic, but it depends. There are actually different types!!! (who knew, English has complicated rules? :slight_smile: ).

It could be a Minus Sign (typically used for equations). Or a Dash. Or a Hyphen.

Wikipedia has (much) more:

and even more than that:

But don’t feel bad if you can’t tell the difference, I doubt most native English speakers know what the difference is; I don’t, I use them interchangeably.

tl;dr: Just call them a Hyphen. :slight_smile:

This is a really good idea, I’ve added it to my list. :slight_smile: