[Suggestion] Challenge ship unveiling

I’ve just been messing about with the challenges and realised, that yep, it’s great fun beating them but what I also want is to know what I beat. I just beat Omnitronic’s I Can’t Believe It’s Not Stack, and I’m curious as to how the ships are put together, and more importantly how I can make it more deadly. So what I’d really like to see is after you beat a challenge, the ship designs are either unlocked as selectable ones in your Design List, or you get access to an info screen with it.

I don’t think that’s in keeping with the spirit of the game i.e. you only get visual cues as to how a fleet is made up

I agree with that for challenges that you haven’t yet beaten, and I agree that a lot of the fun is trying to figure out much of the unknowns that you can’t see: how many repairers/armour modules, what sort of shields. However, think of it as a puzzle box. While on the initial deployment I might not know whether that line of frigates at the front are PD or Plasma frigates, by the end of the first battle I’ll know that. Once I’ve beaten a fleet I’m curious as to how it’s made, it’s no longer a puzzle box, but instead a curious box that I want to take apart.

I also think that it would really help spread ideas amongst the community and push peoples’ creativity by seeding ideas amongst everyone.

Yeah certainly once you beat a challenge you should be able to view the ships on the other side during the battle. You would have some intel after you beat them and could analyze their componants…

This would up the interaction factor to the sweet-spot that is still way shy of controlling any of the ships on the field.

Personally, I’d prefer it if people didn’t grab my ship designs, because I use them in multiple fleets.

Yes, you’ve gotten open the puzzlebox of THAT fleet… but you shouldn’t get the keys to others. For instance, I often use a particular Torpedo frigate setup with the Fox frigate hull: If you can actually examine the bits and pieces that make it up, every time you see it in future challenges you know how to beat it - and not because you’ve gotten used to the intricacies of the design.

Edit: On the other hand, I don’t always keep this information knocking around - often I’ll mass delete everything and ‘start fresh’… which seems to have happened to the deployment I used to make ‘I can’t Believe It’s Not A Stack’.

EditEdit: PS, you can ask me these things.

These are the designs I probably put into Can’t Believe IT’s Not a Stack. Not 100% sure.

name = imperial imperator - defplat 1
guiname = Imperial Imperator - DefPlat 1
hull = Imperial Imperator Cruiser hull
cost = 3184

0 = cruiser tractor,
1 = cruiser tractor,
2 = cruiser tractor,
3 = cruiser_nanorepair,
4 = cruiser_armour V,
5 = cruiser power,
6 = cruiser_armour V,
7 = cruiser_armour V,
8 = cruiser_armour V,
9 = cruiser_nanorepair,
10 = cruiser_armour V,
11 = cruiser shield fastrecharge,
12 = cruiser crew IV,
13 = cruiser power,
14 = cruiser tractor,
15 = cruiser_armour V,

name = imperial imperator - defplat 2
guiname = imperial imperator - defplat 2
hull = Imperial Weapons Platform hull
cost = 862

0 = frigate fastmissile,
1 = frigate crew,
2 = frigate fastmissile,
3 = frigate fastmissile,
4 = frigate fastmissile,
5 = frigate crew II,
6 = frigate shield II,
7 = frigate power,
8 = frigate fastmissile,
9 = frigate fastmissile,
10 = frigate fastmissile,
11 = frigate fastmissile,

name = imperial imperator - defplat 3
guiname = imperial imperator - defplat 3
hull = Imperial Weapons Platform hull
cost = 949

0 = frigate_pointdefence II,
1 = frigate crew,
2 = frigate_pointdefence II,
3 = frigate_pointdefence II,
4 = frigate_pointdefence II,
5 = frigate crew,
6 = frigate shield II,
7 = frigate power II,
8 = frigate_pointdefence II,
9 = frigate_pointdefence II,
10 = frigate_pointdefence II,
11 = frigate_pointdefence II,


But while you might know the counter to that particular ship, do you know the counter to the ships that are supporting it? I think that while the strength of a fleet is in large part dependant on the modules involved, much of it also due to the interaction and behaviour of the ships and that a small tweak in a design with a reordering of the ships can have large effects.

Regarding ‘I can’t Believe It’s Not A Stack’ I remember seeing lots of tractor beams, I laughed out loud when I first saw them, that was really clever. I don’t think that you had quite enough beam weapons though, and probably need the cruisers englobing the platforms, a couple of my fighters got behind the cruisers and whittled down the platforms.

At the very least I sould get to click on an enemy during battle and get some generic health feedback, even if I don’t get componant level.