[Suggestion] Change Negative bar colors.

One of the thing that really confuses me are the colors of the bars. So let met explain me here:

If something raises your education level a green bar will go to the right. Which totally makes sense because more education level is a good thing.

But, Ii your pollution is going up, or something makes it go up you will see a green bar going to the right. And is confusing because more pollution is a bad thing. I think this should be changed, it should be red colored, to make clear the that raise is a bad thing.

This should also be reflected in the “moving arrows” mode. If something is making your crime go up then that arrow should be red, because its damaging you. And all the thing that makes your crime go down should show a green arrow.

Of course this should be an option, since I’m sure a lot of people have already get used to the actual system.

I agree with this. Just starting the game and it can get quite confusing. I recommend flagging values as “desirable” and “undesirable” and flipping the colors accordingly.

What about if it’s impacting something like (for instance) Wages, or Working Week? Depending on your point of view, a decrease in working week could be a good or a bad thing (productivity vs. leisure - to what extent are you happy to exploit the workforce.

Honestly, the current system makes a lot more sense. There’s the odd relationship which seems a bit funny, but a few moments thought can easily unravel them.

Easy, have the player identify as capitalist/socialist and liberal/conservative. Paint the parameters accordingly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really, some stats like crime are universally bad. The rest should be green IMO.

It’s a bit complicated at first but it makes sense to me honestly. Trying to change the colours would bring in an unnecessary bias.

I’m inclined to agree with Phusa and Rick Dreckitt, too many of these things are a matter of opinion, and besides, it’s not that hard to just remember that green means more and red means less.