[Suggestion] Christmas wish-list really..

Dear Cliffski,

Some of my friends at school say you don’t exist. That you are a story made up by parrents to get children to bed and to act proper when company visits. I don’t believe that one bit. So here is my Christmas wish-list.

  1. I want to be able to build a library of pre-defined units. These would work like building blocks to custom build my armada.
  2. Timed arrivals. “Attack Waves”
  3. AoE Boom Boom
  4. Tholian-ish Web (Traps, flak, etc)
  5. Battle-chatter “My G-d Maverick…crackle Get out of there…” (could be tied to the currently selected ship…or not)
  6. Clickable enemy ships
  7. Carriers. Cruisers that launch fighters when “X=Condition” then launches more when “X=Condition+1”
  8. Kamakazi fighter orders - and optional slot-fillers to support them
  9. Boarding… I am picturing this as a ship loses random systems as the boarding crew assault deck after deck, and the ship either eventually repells the boarding attempt or goes completely offline.

I love this idea! Carriers would be ideal! They should however require many modules slots to be taken up however so that they are balanced.

This would be really cool as well. Then you could add Barracks modules for cruisers so that they can defend against boarding parties!

Yeah you would have to buy launch bays that were capable of launching so many units per tick.
Want to launch more faster? More launch bays. Consider Battlestar Galactica’s Battlestar system. 72 launch tubes put your entire fighter footpring in the air at once. But Star Wars Destroyer takes forever to launch all of it’s Tie-fighters.

Then you would also have to have purchased every squad of fighters you are going to store in the carrier. With conditional or timed launches you could send out different fighter configurations at different times or when different situations happen. (Certain distance from frigate line for example)

Hm, a set of reinforcements that would fly in after x minutes would be cool, but I’m not sure if it adds anything to the gameplay. (Just building off your waves idea)

It would make it easy to build a Kobyashi Maru type challenge, though…

A set of reinforcement waves might be interesting if they were unknown. If you’re simply told that approx 10k (or a squadron say) of ships is approaching in 2 minutes (or rapidly), but don’t know what they are then you need to be able to prepare for multiple scenarios.

It would also be quite interesting when used with Corbeu’s Incremental Deployment: instead of deploying a tranche of ships in your turn, you could hold them in reserve.

I also like this:

It would mean that you could launch your fighters in stages rather than all at once. If you send all your fighters out the first time they encountered bombers, then you might be screwed the next time when your fighters have got eaten up by a cruiser or run off somewhere. However, keeping some in reserve would mean you could keep some defence ready.