Suggestion concerning challenges

Would it be possible to have a forum to discuss specific challenges? The idea I have in my head is something like this. When you browse the challenges in game they could have a button that links to a forum thread where people could discuss the challenge. It would be a more efficient way for the challenge poster to get feedback and constructive criticism so that he can improve the challenge. You could also provide a way for the poster to reissue challenge without making it a new associated thread.

This would be awesome. I’m not quite sure how this’d actually work in practice though. I don’t think you’d want it making a thread automatically for every challenge.

We do already have a challenge discussion subforum, but there’s no direct links between challenges and any threads people might make regarding them, and no way to link from a thread to a challenge.

I’m not sure how to make your suggestion practical, but it’d certainly be very nice to have some way of linking challenges to forum threads and/or the reverse. I know I really enjoy it when people send me a ‘response’ challenge to a challenge I’ve posted up, but this is unfortunately about as far as ‘discussion’ of most challenges seems to go D: On a not entirely unrelated note… Is it possible to make the challenges not case sensitive… I wonder how many challenges / responses never get seen because the case was wrong. Also, the font used on the challenge screen could do with some changes - O and D and 0 look kinda similar (for ages I thought the player Drex was 0rex, for example.)