[suggestion] conditions on rules on engagement


Well, it will be my last comment before I go on travel for a few months… Sorry for being of limited help on the long process of beta testing.

So apparently, the only way to control the AI before the game are the orders and rules of engagement. Well, of course If haven’t played that much yet, so can’t know how well it performs. But I still think that the suggestion I made a bit earlier ( viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2466 ) would be usefull : adding conditions to rules of engagement :

  • lets call a “set of rules” a combination of rules of engagement and orders as it is done at present time.
  • you could define other sets of rules that would triggered (and replace the former) depending on specified conditions : timer, specific ship destroyed, attacked, set rules of an other ship changing …

To keep it simple, there could be a string of “sets”, separated by conditions. Like a pile, a ship has the first set of rules. The conditions occurs, “pop” the old set is trashed and the next set is implemented untill an other condition occurs, “pop”, the next set…