Suggestion: Continuity Element

I understand the objective of the game is to allow for quick skirmishes, with no central RPG elements.

However, as has been echoed on this board before, I feel that the only thing missing from this game is some sort of continuity element.

By continuity element, I mean some feature in the game that lends some sort of additional emotional attachment of the player to his fleet. Unfortunately, I do not feel that simply “naming” a ship lends much attachment towards it, and I believe several small things can be done to add this sort of element.

Many of these elements can be confined to single player. Here are some suggestions, and I really feel this game would benefit and capture its players that much better with some of these.

  1. Individual ship statistics
    Statistics for each class of ship through the history of its use. Ie, you design a ship, you can monitor the lifetime kills, deaths, damage, etc of that ship, and its overall combat “legacy”.

  2. Actual continuous fleet
    For single player, have a continuous fleet, with capital ships that gain experience by surviving battles and doing damage. This works well for many games, and lends attachment of the player to his fleet. This is the element which I would do anything for in this game, especially considering the ability to name and design your OWN ships is already there. Now just make them advance through experience. I know this is very RPGish, but I crave it and I know many players do, if only for single player.

  3. Flagship Option
    The addition of a flagship would allow you to designate a ship to receive bonuses, and perhaps even impart penalties to your fleet upon destruction.

  4. Player banner and custom fleet color scheme
    Pretty self explanatory, but this game is literally BEGGING for this, especially when considering mirror matchups.

  5. Commander “Rank”
    Have a player work towards ranks with achievement, upgrading his commander rank by defeating more missions and completing achievements. This would serve a similar purpose as the honor system, but could have a better impact on the player. He starts as a private, and ends as a glorious fleet admiral, with additional ships and hulls unlocked the more he battles and wins!

Just suggestions…overall, though, great game! With some of these, it would be even better!


I definitely like your continuous fleet idea. It might not currently work on the built-in missions, but if we can have a linked-campaign then it would be really excellent. It would then provide a incentive to make a balanced fleet, or at least one that can handle a wide-range of obstacles.

To stop you going into a mission with completely the wrong fleet, maybe you could grow it as you go and swap out a limited number of ships per mission?

YES i do want to be able to have a color of choise for my fleet, like in standard RTS games etc. Perhaps even tiny badges on the wings or whatever. Its a tiny thing, but adds alot of “this fleet is MINE” :stuck_out_tongue: