Suggestion: Damaged turret feedback

When a turret is so damaged that it can barely fire or even can’t fire at all - add some kind of distinct visual feedback. Because a turret that can’t fire is useless, it needs to be deconstructed, but it isn’t apparent that it’s so badly damaged without selecting it or without playing with health bars constantly switched on, (it switches itself off frequently).

indeed, it seems to me that there are probably two fixes required here. First is that I need to re-implement that health bar toggle so that it stays on and remembers it’s state much more consistently than it does now, (It was a bit of a last minute feature) and secondly, tnhat the game needs to more accurately map the number of damage textures and smoke emitters from a unit to the current state of that unit. That just needs me to spend some time on that code, and although it won’t be in this weekend’s patch, it should make it into 1.004 with any luck :smiley:

The health bars are critical to me, as I find it difficult to tell how damaged something is. Things seem to be on fire most of the time… and go out if left alone.
Maybe I’m not zooming in far enough… though I only do that to appreciate the explosions - not while trying to win.

So a better mapping of damage to visuals would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

lol if it gives you any indication, I didn’t even realize how much damage affected a turret’s performance before reading this thread. I’ll have to pay more attention to that.