Suggestion - defaulting on debt

I think it should be possible for a country to default on its debt. I would suggest two things to make it balanced:

  1. The political capital cost should be extremely high, but become lower the worse a country’s debt becomes.

  2. Defaulting on debt should lead to a country’s credit rating instantly becoming the lowest, along with a massive drop in business confidence and foreign relations. Maybe it should even come with a security risk on top of that.


Not a fan of the security risk; I’d imagine that the risks could come naturally from a sudden drop in several sims instead of arbitrarily being added on.

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I’m not sure whether this game can afford more contents on debt crisis as it stands. You can already pretty much ignore the debt and enjoy unlimited spending & plenty of PC points. Debt Crisis should be more harsh and dangerous if you want to make ‘click this to avoid debt crisis’ button viable.

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To be honest I expected a country to collapse with too high spending and/or inflation. But I just did a game (with political capital disabled) where I maximized almost all spending while having 0 taxes, and it went amazing, with support at 100%.

Yeah. While I don’t really think that the critical situations (which can trigger emergency powers) should always give a crippling blow, at least being unable to solve them like 10 turns should lead to a game over, especially the debt crisis. Then defaulting or making a debt deal can be one of last minute moves.

It is particularly easy in Japan, as it starts in debt crisis, but it is weaker compared to other countries.
Generally neural network way of doing things made this game too easy, as balancing is almost impossible, since values can range only between 0 and 1.

In how many terms?

Debt, in real life, is all about “kicking the can down the road.” And often, making worthwhile investments that are costly in the short run, but pay for themselves long-term (very few policies work like this in-game though: really only Science Funding and Space/Mars program…)

That’s a good question, I was at 60 turns.

Now I quickly clicked through to turn 150, and things are still great. Voting intentions at 100%, health, lifespan, and education at max, no security threats, a strong military, wages high, and crime, poverty, and corruption are nonexistent. High/middle earnings and GDP could be better but they are still decent.

So basically it seems like you can easily build a utopia by simply ignoring debt and inflation. It might be harder with political capital turned on though, I’ll probably try that sometime soon.

Well nothing happens if you don’t change anything, events and dilemmas just poke things around but stuff eventually stabilizes.

Its just that if voting approval is around 50% then you might lose elections.