[Suggestion] Deployment Screen

First, this is a great game; I’m really enjoying it! I like that I can replay a battle, win with a cheaper fleet, and gain honor for the improvement.

I would really like for the display to include the total honor I have gained from that scenario so I know what I have to beat. Ideally the display would show something like: (honor I would get if this was my first win) - (total honor already earned) = (honor I will actually get for winning with this fleet). Alternatively, it could just show the additional numbers with tool tips explaining what is being shown.

It’s not as intuitive as the method you’ve suggested, but you can see the honor you’ve received for a mission by hovering your mouse over the difficulty level on the “Select Mission” screen:


Whoa, I had no idea this feature was there.

I like that a lot actually since you can easily see all difficulties and all scenarios before choosing one to replay. Thanks for the tip.