[Suggestion] Division Manager

“Delete Current” button: Add an “Are you sure?” dialog box.

Would anyone like to +1 this?



I’d also like to see the ability to switch between divisions using the 1-9 keys as was discussed previously but apparently wasn’t implemented. I like to try to win without pausing. :slight_smile:

you can do this using the tab or the shift+tab keys, if that helps?

I was wondering if the game should auto-generate divisions for infantry, buildings and vehicles, to save you having to do it? I guess the tab+shift+tab cycling should also ignore empty divisions…

Yes, it helps, but it still requires cycling through them rather than immediately jumping to the one you’re looking for. I realize adding a means of assigning a key to each division is probably a bit complicated though, unless you could somehow make it automatically assign keys…

Right now I have a division for tanks/mechs, one for infantry and ambulance, one for turrets, and one for all support buildings/units. I’m considering splitting my tanks and mechs up though, and I might have to split up my turrets to keep the list short enough to fit without scrolling.