suggestion: EU

Hello everyone.

I played the game for a few hours and I think it’s a great piece of software - all the politicians should play it before they start meddling with the real state!

But I found one series flaw - the game completely ignores the fact that some of the countries are members of the European Union. Being in EU have some really serious implications:

  • New expense - member states have to transfer some funds to the European budget.
  • New income - EU donations. Less developed countries (generally new member states, e.g. Poland) get much more than they pay. However, EU donations are targeted - country would get 1 billion to spent on law enforcement, 1.4 to prevent pollution, 0.8 for schools etc.
  • Less control - e.g. no death penalty, no ignoring fishing quotas, obligatory environmental care, tax rate no higher then A and no lower than B. In the game, the player should be able to break the regulations (real countries sometimes do that), but at the risk of limited donations.
  • Other treaties - EU members may choose to introduce euro instead of the national currency (more tourists, more GDP, business will like it, patriots won’t), Schengen treaty (no border control with other treaty members - more tourists, less border control expenses, more immigration, possibly slightly more crime).

How do you like the idea?


I really like this. Someone should mod it!

I looked into it before posting. Looks like it takes more than just a mod. New income/expense is easy, but I couldn’t make a donation targeted or limit the control. I guess it requires changes to the game engine.

hmmm yes this is true. something for me to consider that’s for sure.