Suggestion: "exit from the European Union" policy

It would be nice to add this event in the countries joining the European Union. This would increase the happiness of patriots and socialists, while lowering that of capitalists, liberals and ethnic minorities. Obviously this will also involve a change of currency in the game and having monetary sovereignty.


Yup, it would be very interesting, although there are a lot of implications, so quite complex to do.

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Oh, is it complicated to leave the EU? I had no idea :wink:

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Patriotic happiness if your country enters the European Union in my opinion it would lower because Patriotic happiness if your country enters the European Union in my opinion it would lower because patriotism is the ideal of love for the homeland so if we enter the European Union the patriots would not be good


I’d have to disagree here, unfortunately. Instinctively I want to agree, but based on this date, I can’t.

It would make sense that patriot membership would go down, for sure - there’s plenty of research on Pan-European identity in EU member countries. Which is to say, people living in Europe who identify as Europeans, not as Danes or Germans. I wouldn’t think they’d be patriots.

But! This data from Pew Research shows massively-favorable opinions of the EU in EU member-states known for their patriotism. I’m not Polish and have not studied it, but countries like Poland and Lithuania are likely quite patriotic, yet over 80% of them view the EU favorably.

I could see conservatives potentially very angry about EU membership, though, as it could be seen as an affront to national sovereignty. Self-employed, too, might be angry about it, as EU membership opens the door to more foreign competition. Capitalists would likely be quite happy.

Edit: I suspect some of the very-high approval of the EU in Eastern & Central European countries also stems from economic opportunities (free movement) and perceived security (less likely to get invaded by Russia) and perceived less-corrupt-than-my-own-government but I have ZERO sources for this, so take this with a grain of salt.

Okay, I didn’t know this and I learned a new thing. It will mean that I have a more extremist idea of ​​patriotism :). Thanks anyway for the information !!!


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Oh not a problem!! I am not an EU expert, but I suspect the popularity among the EU in eastern countries like Hungary, Poland, and the Baltic States is less about pan-European global identity and more about the economic benefits given to them by EU membership and the perceived security from membership.

At least, vaguely using the data from this map (percent of those polled willing to fight for their country) compared to EU approval. Percentage of Europeans Who Are Willing To Fight A War For Their Country – Brilliant Maps

And hey, maybe patriots would be slightly annoyed by EU sovereignty - but the population as a whole, despite most of them being patriots, would be happy to pay a cost of sovereignty for the economic & security benefits? IE the capitalists in those countries & the middle class.

I live in Italy and perhaps I know of a too extremist patriotism. I can’t answer the last question. in the statistics of the countries that would like to wage war I thought that Italy was higher but since we are governed by a social liberal government this explains the low percentage. Anyway thank you and I would like to take lessons on the European union from you xD (if you accept we will do it in private message ok?) Anyway do not oblige eh but since you know so many things that I do not know about the EU I would like to learn them :). Thanks again for the data!


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Oh I’m just some American!! Please, you know more than I do!! XD

xD I love America!!!

If there’s an exit from EU there should be apply for membership too. As a Turkish citizen I can assure you that being a member is way too hard than exit from the union. (Our politicians didn’t make that easy too.)

Perhaps a policy to be or not to be part of the European Union?

There is also the Shengen area, shared with other non-EU countries like Iceland, Norway, Switzerland…Those places are included in the European Free Trade Association. A worker from Spain have the same opportunities to work in Switzerland as Swiss people, for instance.

So, I think that EU membership should be a dilemma (that “module” where there is a national situation and I have to choose between 2 or more options) because a law would not make sense.
Speaking of the Shengen area or a dilemma or a positive or negative national situation (positive on the European side or negative on the immigration side)

However in my opinion there must be more dilemmas and laws regarding the European Union.

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