Suggestion: Expand fake news causes and effects

Fake news should be renamed to misinformation.
Misinformation is half-truths, fake news and conspiracy theories.
Generally it can be caused by distrust of authorities.

There is around 20 voter groups, so their happiness*membership influences could all effect distrust simulation to prevent cluttering fake news situation.
Distrust simulation would be strong effect on “trustworthy” perception and fake news situation.
It could be in law and order - there is not many simulations here.

Happiness factor could be (1-x)^something above 1 - 100% at 0% happiness, maybe 5% - 10% at neutral happiness and 0% at max happiness
This could be divided by amount of voter groups.

Or each voter group could have different distrust scaling factor.
Membership factor could be x^something less than 1 to simulate loud minority.
0 - no effect, 0.1% - 10%, 1% - 20% and so on, or something like that.

Distrust simulation would feed into misinformation.
Misinformation would be all around damaging:
Increase racial tensions, decrease education, health and technology.
Poverty, inequality, racial tensions, unemployment, crime, violent crime and corruption could increase misinformation too.

Distrust would be different from cynicism.
Distrust is persistent, while cynicism is temporary.
Distrust is essentially global scale cynicism.
You can’t remove it completely, you can just minimize it since there is always policy, simulation, situation, dilemma or event that annoys someone.

So cynicism - temporary happiness change.
Complacency - reduces high happiness level over time.
Are cynicism and complacency delayed in their action:
That is not included during normalization, but after it, so complacency and cynicism always have full effect.
Distrust - general scepticism towards your government caused by low happiness of voter groups.
Misinformation - misguided anti-authority resistance.
Distrust could make people join pressure groups at higher rate.
Misinformation could make people join terrorist groups at higher rate.