Suggestion: Expected Features for specific types of car

Not sure if this is intended as part of the next rebalance. As I understand it some rare technology will become common, but never universal in the next update, though I’m not sure how this applies to ‘common’ tech that still should never become ‘universal’.

Some simpler tech, more ‘niche’ features should never become universal, not because it’s rare to see it, but because it’s always an added feature. In my current game for instance, I am penalised -$250 for not putting a sun roof on my sedan. I’m all for it being an added feature that gives diminishing bonuses the more common it is, but not a penalty in this specific case (things like in-car music and Bluetooth phone support do make sense).

I see this applying also to types of cars, like leather seats becoming ‘universal’ don’t penalise if the car type is Sedan or compact, but do penalise on SUV’s with a -$250 if not there.

Just my thoughts!

I agree 100% and this sort of thing is definitely planned.

In addition, when a car has a panoramic sun roof this fine should not be applied (you get a panoramic one for Pete’s sake!).