Suggestion for a link: GM ban to health care demand

Non-medical surgeries sometimes create the need for actual health care. Banning this particular one would slightly decrease the need for corrective health care.

I didn’t fully understand, what do you mean by non-medical surgeries?

Genital mutilation is not a medical procedure.

In the case where it reduces the risk of HIV/AIDS in men, it may be. I had written some posts about how circumcision fines should give money to us, and how it should increase health a bit due to said reduction in HIV/AIDS (20-30%). I don’t know how it happens exactly (one supposition is that the virus incubates in the foreskin), but it does.

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  2. Circumcision in men should increase health a little bit: Male Circumcision Should Improve Health A Bit?

But, yes, generally speaking, it’s a non-medical procedure.