Suggestion for end battle report

Hi there.

Cool game! I just finished trying the demo, and will definitely pick this game up.

I have a suggestion for the end of battle report. Is it possible to add a view similar to the deploy screen showing all the sips (at their starting locations) colored based upon the amount of damage the received (normal color for no damage, getting redder as the damage the took increased)? It would also be nice if you could draw in lines for the paths that each of the ships (maybe one line for fighters groups) took (with tick marks for every 15 or 30 seconds of battle) until they were either destroyed (red circle at end of line) or until the end of the battle (no mark or a different mark).

This view would help with formation planning as perhaps a different starting location would allow the ship to survive the battle. It would show if perhaps the ship was destroyed because it was on the front line, or it was cornered or cutoff by the enemy ships.

One small issue that I did notice, and I’m not sure if this is just my machine (Windows Server 2003 [Yes, I played at work]) or just the demo or what, but alt-tabbing away from the game worked, but I couldn’t alt tab back - I would just get a black window and would be unable to play, but I could close the game by clicking that window’s [X] close button.

Other than that small issue - great game! :slight_smile:

I think this is a great idea. Even if the ship-movement part is out of reach, just adding a way to see where in the deployment each ship is located would be very nice. I never pay much attention to the names of the ships, so it’s often impossible for me to understand why one of my cruisers has higher stats than the other.

You might have better luck if you try playing in windowed mode. A number of other users have reported similar problems when alt-tabbing out of the full screen game, and windowed mode seems to help.