Suggestion for Next Expansion

I love this game. It’s simple and elegant. Much fun to be had! :slight_smile:

I just thought about something that might be fun… Special crew. It might be interesting to have special “hero” crew members that you could add in the deployment screen. While they are alive, they’d give a bonus of some kind ot the fleet. Once they’re ship goes, so does the bonus. If you’re interested, it might add a nifty litle aspect to the game without being too difficult to implement. Just a thought. Thanks so much for putting this little gem together. It’s been a blast… :wink: Quite literally.

SFB had/has “Legendary Officers” - a “Legendary Engineer” could increase the power output of a ship by something like 25%.

This game is more like Tetris than any other adventure game. Having charaters in it that are variables would just be strange in my opinion.

I’ve seen this suggestion before (oddly enough, in the Suggestions forum), though usually termed as “admirals”. Definitely a tried-and-true kind of game element, but not one that blends especially well with the style of GSB. At least I don’t think so.

Yes, suggestion forums does exist. Also, this has been suggest quite a bit, and cliffski has himself expressed interest in it.
The most logical thing to call it would be a capital ship.

But i think its a terrible idea. Without the ability to chose specific targets, whoevers special ships get destroyed first are going to be at a huge disadvantage. Way to much chance involved. Strategy game, not game of chance, remember?

maybe if an enemy chooses to have an admiral in their fleet, an extra “range priority” bar would pop up (flagship, cruisers, frigates, fighters) saying that you could set the enemy admiral’s priority to 100% or something like that. that would make up for the “not choosing your enemy” option, because there could only be one admiral in a fleet.