[SUGGESTION] Full widescreen support

Ingame, GSB uses widescreen with no letterboxing. Every other screen is effectively letterboxed down to 4:3. This loses a lot of screen real estate and makes the UI worse than it has to be. Are there any plans to put widescreen support in the design or deploy windows?

Putting aside how easily the ‘special’ scenario elements could be replaced by five coloured icons that allow players to see what kind of changes are in place without having to click twice to look at and close a popup, the scenario window doesn’t lose out too much from being so narrow. The deployment screen, by contrast, could show all kinds of extra information in the ‘unused’ space and this wouldn’t affect 4:3 users (if any even exist). A widescreen design screen would pretty much allow every module to be available, sorted and grouped all the time (at least in vanilla; tabs are still useful) and still have space for an ‘engagement envelope’ display and ‘pre-set design default orders’ area, while maintaining a hull-choice dropdown and save/load/name elements.

The deployment screen could benefit from using the space for a slightly larger (and less popup heavy) orders area and an easier ‘saved deployment’ system (with preview, hopefully). Basically, the game is a spreadsheet so there’s always more information the player could use at each stage, and losing about 20% of the screen to ‘space pictures’ isn’t so great. I’m not sure why the ‘right click’ stats visible in the deployment screen (ie, right click on a ship’s status area to see armour etc) isn’t visible all the time. Is there an overriding reason why the pre-game stuff is 4:3?

In other news, why does ‘blur the game so everything is smudged’ default to on? I seriously thought the game was broken until I turned it off. :slight_smile:

Erm, as far as I know, wide screen problems were fixed a couple patches ago 1.24 I think?

Pardon? I just loaded 1.26, and the deployment and design windows are very clearly not filling my screen. Is my install set up wrong? Is there a larger, more informative layout I’m not seeing?

It’s true that UI compromises have been made to accomodate people with the lowest res (1024x768). This was a design decision. personally I play at 1920x1200 and would love the game to fill the UI at that res, but thats not possible :D. There is currently only one area where the UI actively makes use of larger monitors and thats the extra ship hull data window at the bottom of the design screen which kicks in after a certain screen height is reached.
I may get time to eventually do mroe stuff like this. My favorite option would be to double (or even triple) the width of the ship design picker on the deployment screen, so you would have 3 columns of ship designs to drag from, rather than ne which needs to be scrolled.