[SUGGESTION] Gay marriage as a policy instead of a dilemma

The reason I suggest this is that some governments have tried to find ways to not make this a black and white issue, and find half measures that only moderately offend everyone instead of picking one side to favor. Also it doesn’t seem to make sense to have this as a reoccurring dilemma. I mean, I already legalized it, why does it have to keep asking?

Anyways, the policy could be a 3 position slider bar (unless others can think of more gradations),
-“outlawed” would make religious and conservative voters happy, but greatly offend liberal voters
-“civil unions” would slightly offend religious and liberal voters, and have null effect on conservatives. Basically the religious think that no recognition should be given, so they’re offended, but not as offended as if you changed the definition of marriage. The liberals are somewhat appeased by there being some recognition, but still offended that you won’t recognize it as marriage.
-“legalized gay marriage” would make liberal voters happy, but upset conservatives and greatly offend religious voters.

Not to shamelessly self-promote or anything, but I made a mod that does this (along with adding some other LGBTQ related policies and dilemmas):



No worries bud. I’m just glad to have the content that I was looking for.