Suggestion: Globalism vs. Communitarianism

First off: Thank you for your work on the Democracy series and your continued developmental support! I haven’t found any other games that scratched this itch of political game simulation as well as Democracy does!

Perhaps I’m too late suggesting this as it might require more fundamental changes to the game, but I’ll try at least: It’d be lovely to see the dichotomy of globalism vs. communitarianism added to the game (e.g. the compass and perhaps in other areas such as events, policies or perhaps even as potential (DLC?) demographics). See for example for some information on this dichotomy and why it may do a better job of describing our current world than the old left-right dichotomy.


Communitarianism could be represented as some form of mild or moderate conservative socialism, and liberal communitarianism could be some kind of mild or moderate left-liberal or centre-liberal position?