[Suggestion] GOG - Key

Hello everyone,

because Steam is like DRM, so I thought it may be an interessant way to sell Big Pharma on GOG (it has GOG Galaxy too like Steam, but optional).
I think that you will get more money than on steam and gog is more fair than steam.
Would you please think about this possibility? Thank you.

Stream is not a DRM system unless the publisher/dev decides to use it that way. As far as I know positech is only using steam as a plattform for selling not the optional DRM system. And from a buisness standpoint it would be stupid not to use steam. The userbase is simply the biggest you can get. All that said democracy3 is also available on gog so maybe they will sell BP there too

Yup, we have plans to make Big Pharma available on Steam, GoG, Humble Store and also still direct from us :smiley: