[Suggestion] GSB fleet deployment screen

In the fleet deployment screen, it is impossible to ctrl and make a selection box around new units to add to some unit already selected. Example: I have three cruisers that are co-oping orders, and I want to add the four frigates to that co-op group, but I can’t make a box and select those four frigates. Instead I have to ctrl-click each individual frigate. I know it seems trivial, but I’ve been able to ctrl-box click units in RTS’s since the turn of the century. I guess I’m just used to it.

Also, I think the Rebel ‘Pheonix’ Fighter is spelled incorrectly, and should be spelled ‘Phoenix.’ I hope they’re aren’t too many psychotic game reviewers our there that would hammer you for that, but I did notice it.

Really think this game is awesome. I foresee making a drinking game out of this with my friends. 1 drink per fighter squadron, 2 drinks per frigate, and 3 for a cruiser.


agreed… kind of. :smiley:

I’m afraid I don’t really understand this. What exactly is ‘ctrl-boxing’?

Ctrl-boxing is, in games like Supreme Commander or Sins of of a Solar Empire, selecting more units to add to a group that’s already selected. So if you have 3 cruisers and want to add 6 frigates to that group, you would hold the ctrl key down and drag a box around the units you want to add, hence ctrl-boxing. In GSB, you have to hold ctrl and select each of those 6 frigates individually. I think it would be easier to select groups of units (like in the last levels of the single player, where you have a lot of credits) and add other groups of units to it to make a bigger group. It’s really hard to explain in words, but hopefully that explanation helps.

I thought of another suggestion, but I will start a new thread.


now that i understand, i agree. totally. :smiley:

Yep, sounds good. Totally supporting this.

Same here. It’s hard not to like this idea…a most helpful tool.

Agreed. Ctrl-boxing sounds like a good idea especially if it’s something of an interface standard. It sounds much better than getting carpal tunnel from too much GSB anyway. Never underestimate the importance of polish and swabbing the space cruiser deck!