[suggestion] have class names be faction-scoped

It’s kind of annoying that I can only have one fighter class called “Interceptor” or one cruiser class called “Battleship”. It would be nice to be able to have one class of ship per name per faction. That way, I could also easily swap out factions in a scenario without rebuilding the formation - it would just substitute in the other race’s battleships, interceptors, etc. in the right places with the right orders.

Not a bad idea, but there might be a problem if your battleship for the Empire costs 1500 more than the battleship for the Rebels. If you have a deployment that has X number of Empire-class battleships, you may end up with X-1 of the Rebel battleships because of the difference in cost.

Yeah, this seems prone to failure. Different races have different stats on their hulls, necessitating different builds. With different builds come different strategies, tradeoffs, and costs. I can’t imagine trading one races ships for another, without changing the deployment at all – it would be a completely different deployment and would undoubtedly require tweaking.

I’ve had it work before, when I deleted all my ships and made ships of the same name but different races. Regardless, that’s no problem with this - you currently have to save separate formations for different races anyway.