[Suggestion] Hit Space to Pause


My reflex reaction to pause something quickly is to hit the space bar… probably because I play Rimworld and other strategy games like that. I can’t find any hotkey to pause the game, and the Space bar doesn’t see to do anything other than when you’re typing names.

Any chance we could get a pause hotkey added, or perhaps use 1,2,3 for the game speeds?


I would love this so much. I find myself doing the same thing.


I would love space-bar pause as well.


Another vote for this!


voted… i even find myself accidentally pressing it every now and then :stuck_out_tongue:


I also think this would be a great idea.




My FTL trained thumb is ready for the space key pause!111!1



Got used at using spacebar from playing Cities: Skylines. Alternatively, Numpad 0 like in Sims (though would be an issue for people that don’t have numpads).

also, 0-1-2-3 for speeds.


Absolutely +1 for me. I find myself doing this all the time.


I find myself doing this on accident all the time or pressing one to slowest or three for fastest like a certain City Simulator game.


I do this constantly. I cast my vote for this.