[Suggestion] Hull selection menu

[size=50]I know, I know, yet more long and complicated GUI requests…[/size]

It would be nice if we could select a hull to design from some sort of list rather than clicking through the names.

If possible, a vertical list on the left, split into Fighters, Frigates, and Cruisers, and clicking on one would preview it in the screen to the right.

Please see the attached example, as I think it shows what I mean a lot more clearly.


It is a bit difficult to use the scrolling mechanism that currently exists. I approve this message.

Yup nice idea. The hull selector could definitely do with some tweaking.

I’m not sure if this is the best place to put this, but it’s on a similar vein. Some form of tagging or classification of design types might also be useful. So, I could tag one frigate type as an anti-fighter frigate, while another could be tagged as heavily armoured. I’ve only beaten the first few missions and already the design list is getting incomprehensible.