[SUGGESTION] Infant labor laws

In the game, there is a dilemma which we must choose to let children labor for full time or to a part time only (5h/day). Some countries, as Brasil, doesn’t allow any children to work (only with specifics conditions, above 16 years, etc…).

Why not add a policy to manage infant labor, setting to 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18 years as minimum to start working? this will influence on Youth, Parents, GDP, Crime, Poverty, Poors, Middle Income, Health, Education, Bus Usage, State Pension, Unemployment, Liberals, Capitalists, etc…

I don’t know how many hours a day, but should keep the presented by the game: 5h a day. I think the impact over education should be negative the younger we set, and positive for 14 and 16 years, maybe for health too.

And not all children will work for some parents don’t allow - it is more likely the middle and poor to let their children working, greatly enhancing home income.

EDIT: Of course, I think this will cost more political capital to lower than to raise.

What do you guys think?