Suggestion: Larger explosions for cruisers?

I think the ship explosions, mostly for the large cruisers, should be more gratuitous. At the moment there’s a small explosion in the middle, the ship kinda breaks into pieces and the white shockwave starts expanding. It looks a bit anticlimatic when a cruiser explodes. It would be better if the explosion effect was larger visually.

this is just an idea: different wreck parts fly off at different speeds :smiley:

I agree, Perhaps a bit more screen shake for the selected ship?

I agree, I think that was one of the more noticeable things that stuck me. I was expecting huge, boombastic explosions from my capital ships…big build up, little finale.

having said that, the sound fx are wonderful if youre taking hull damage and you zoom in!

Agreed, they are very nice, I try to zoom in as much as possible to see all the little animations, and hear the great effects.