Suggestion: Loading Feet Elements (Task Forces)

Not sure this has been suggested (I did look around a bit, and found none, so don’t yell too much if it has) but it would be super useful if you could load fleet elements into a deployment. Not whole fleets, and not map dependent fleets (is this what is happening in 1.10?) but more like a task force. I spend a lot of time building the same core over and over again: Heavy hitters screened by things that remove pests from their sky. The core is similar each time. It’d be nice to load that core, then keep either adding or cloning it from there. I could make one for each map, but I’d say that if the limits allow it, you should be able to load anywhere.


I had the same idea but didn’t suggest it because I can’t think of a way of implementing it that’s not too complex.

What you’d like is to have an icon that represents a groups of ships that you can deploy in a single click, with their elements, linked behaviour, etc… Right?

It would require some kind of “Squadron designer”.

If actual squads were implemented (assign multiple ships to a squad with a shared set of orders), this would be trivial. It’s almost equally trivial just by having a button that says “save squad”, which saves the currently selected ships as a deployment and adds an icon for them to the list of ships. I agree this would be a great feature.

You’re right. A “save squad” button that saves:

  • Squad name
  • Ship (1,n)
  • Relative position
  • Orders (0,n)

It would have to forget a squad is so, once you deploy it, so you can deploy it many times and then do slight modifications in individual ships.

To modify a squad, we’d just have to deply it, change the parameters, select all the ships and save it with the same name.

I have seen the same basic idea suggested elsewhere, but yeah, it’d be nice. Not super-high priority in my opinion, but handy.

And yes, I don’t think we’d need a squad designer. Just as you can save default orders right out of the deployment screen, it could be possible to add a right-click menu option to save the currently selected set of ships as a squad, or simply whatever’s deployed at the moment.

Fleet elements would be nice but I kind of wish my captains acted more individually for their own benefit. In essence I want them to act rationally.

What do I mean? Well, let’s say I had a pool of captains to assign to my ships (maybe they could level up, but let’s put that aside for now) who would have different training. I.e. A captain trained in close combat would take his ship into medium to close range, while trying not to stray too far from the fleet… i.e. he would never simply charge in by himself with no support. A Long ranged schooled captain might have a preference to do the opposite, i.e. stay at range… but if he was left exposed as the only ship by himself in the back he my close in with the fleet in order to be protected.

What I am trying to say is that orders like coop and vulture should essentially be a given. I’d like my captains to act rationally to protect their ship first and the fleet second and finally after that… then they follow my orders. My orders would be suggestions… like take out frigates first… unless of course you’re being pounded by a fast cruiser, then nail him… but if you don’t have anything that can penetrate his shield you shouldn’t waste time firing on him.

I want less control, not more.

Yes to this.

Exactly. This could be accomplished via a “Load Selection / Save Selection” option. Easy. Well, easy in my mind anyway. I’m not the game designer here. :slight_smile:


I concur. A fleet element feature using the same drag/drop interface would be very handy, particularly if it could save formation and escort orders.

Just bought the game today and I have to agree - this would be a great feature.

I’m wondering if a simple way to implement it might be to have an option when loading a deployment - “add to existing deployment.” The only trouble I can think of would be overlapping ships.

I want to tell some friends about this game though. One of the big draws is exactly this - setting up coordinated groups of supporting units and finding out what combos work well together. I’ve been waiting for a game that pulls this off so I was really excited to find GSB. :slight_smile: