[SUGGESTION] local/online Multiplayer

[size=150]It would be pretty cool to have multiplayer, right?[/size]
Teaming with another player (against AI or other players) To accumulate the highest NET worth in a set period of time?
Just playing a regular, casual game against your friend?
What do you think?

I think it would be awesome and I considered it during development. But the thing is, I’m just a lone indie developer and I just feel like going multiplayer is too much for me right now. It’s definitely something I want to do with some game, some day, but I have to be smart about not over reaching right now.

Think about all those early access games that promise everything and never deliver. I don’t want to be one of those guys.

Playing with Multiplayer will be always exited because you need to thinks what the opponent’s strategy to beat you. This will not be happened with bot because after playing numerous rounds you can judge what steps is followed by bot against you, and you might be bore. There are lots of online portal are present like gamedesire for multiple players online games. Play it and enjoy