Suggestion: loops for starting a car process

ability to set the number of loops for the number of cars to be made

20 budget cars
then 10 midesize
then 2 expensive
then 1 luxury

Loop this X number of times then stop till the user starts it again.

also the ability to move up or down… change the order that they are made with out deleting then recreating it.

A few people have mentioned it would be nice to be able to rearrange the position of entries, and its something intend to take a look at. Why would you want a production line to halt?

good especially for the starting and middle game… don’t want too many cars made too fast or you get into financial trouble quickly.

interesting. I do wonder about calculating and displaying a stat that shows you the current stock-value of all of the components currently in your factory.

To add to this, it would be nice if i could manually slow down the start of the production line. Let’s say i know my line cannot really reach a constant 2minutes 33 of my fir axles due to insufficient resources in myfeature heavy stations and i cannot change that in my current setup. If i could slow down the start of the production to 22 cars an hour, that would mean i don’t have a massive backlog behind fit seats or whatever is slowing down the whole thing.

Yup, a few people have suggested this, and I know its common practice in real factories. I do wonder if it would just cause players to forget they had done this, and then wonder why things were slow? I’m not sure… Also I think its a bit harder than it sounds, because there is no hard guarantee how long the next delivery of parts takes, so I can imagine it being set as a hard limit (stop production if output/hour > x) but it may be hard t make it an absolute level.