[SUGGESTION] Machine Mirroring

Currently, some layouts get really huge merely due to the fact that the input and output side are just facing the wrong way and allowing mirroring would mostly solve that but I must ask this first. Is the lack of mirroring something that is intentional?

It is intentional. If we could mirror the machines, then it’d be too easy to make very small production lines. It makes it more challenging this way.

Agreed. I like the challenge. Makes for some ingenius setups every now and then.

Honestly though, this is imposed difficulty. Machine orientation and compacting is part of the game, especially since startup costs (the costs incurred before the drug starts selling) can be very high in a new drug line, but while mirroring does make it easier, it doesn’t remove the inherent difficulties of getting everything to fit together.

It’s akin to rotation, you could make the game MUCH harder if you removed the ability to rotate. Ultimately, when building a line on one side of the room simply won’t work while building it on the other side will, I feel it is pointlessly complicating something that is already difficult as it (these parts are, after all, mostly designed to complicate matters.)

I feel the game should still offer the mirrored machine models with some additional options to select for the start just like you can choose to use the money or play free unlimited. Some people want harder and others want easier. It never hurt to appeal to both groups.