Suggestion - make the predictive stock control smarter

So here are two screenshots that show what I mean:


In both of these examples, I’ve created either a supply stockpile or a mini supply stockpile in order to have a bit of a local buffer so that I the resource importer won’t get overloaded but as you can see, the stations still “complain” about insufficient resource despite the nearby (mini) supply stockpile.

You can see (I think) that there’s also a queue of cars lining up in preceeding operations/stations so it will need those resources. Instead of waiting until the car gets there and it figures out that ti doesn’t have what it needs, it would be nice if the predictive stock control was vastly more intelligent than that.

And you can see that in the other picture, it doesn’t really matter how many supply stockpiles I have, nor whether they are mini supply stockpiles or the big ones, it still isn’t “smart” enough to know that there’s some nearby (sometimes) or that it waits too long before fetching the resources that it needs.

This is a critical barrier to my being able to obtain peak/optimal operating efficiency and this is especially true later on in the game when you have more options and features researched that you CAN’T produce locally. (SatNav and premium speakers are excellent examples of that.)

Here’s another example of it.


My “Fit Electronics” stations are saying that it needs the satnav and antennae, and as you can see in the screenshot, I have local mini supply stockpiles right next to it, and it still says “insufficient resource” and rather than picking it up from the mini supply stockpiles, it wants to get it from the resource importers instead, which sometimes, could be overloaded.

(You can also see here in this custom map that I made where I gave the map a LOT more resource importers in order to try and alleviate this issue because, again, when you have the full tech tree available to you during free play, and you start building cars with all of the features, the resource importers gets overwhelmed/overloaded because there are so many items that you cannot make locally.)

This, again, is a critical barrier to my being able to achieve optimal/maximum efficiency.