Suggestion: Microfinance

Bank and financial system for poor people, people with no assets (who are currently blocked from entering the traditional bank and financial system).

poor - happier
decrease poor groups
increase small business
increase equality (+90% is currently targeting women)
Increase education
increase health (nutrition)
increase GDP

Note: There are of course criticism of microfinance (specifically microcredits). However the positive impacts seem to be bigger then the negativs.

Microfinance tend to have bigger impact in countries with higher number of poor individuals.

I assume Microfinance could be added as a Situation or as a Policy by the government. Potentially as both, i.e. if initiated as a situation its impact could increase/decrease based on governmental policies around it.
For the gaming aspect I guess adding it as a policy would make sense.

Oooh this is an excellent idea. I’m quite a fan of microfinance, have supported kiva for years.