[Suggestion] Minimum Desired Range

How it Currently Works:

Ships are given desired engagement ranges against each class of enemy. Unless given a “keep” moving order, the ship will stop upon reaching the specified range. When an enemy approaches within 1/2 the specified range, the ship will attempt to open the range again (particularly noticeable with the “keep moving order”).

The Suggestion:

Give us control over the minimum range rather than having it be hardcoded to 1/2 the maximum desired engagement range. This could be accomplished in the UI with either a second slider, or a second “pip” on the current range slider.

The Reason:

This would greatly diversify tactics, making a number of currently lackluster modules and archetypes more appealing, as well as greatly reduce frustration with the stupidity of captains armed with ranged weapons and the “keep moving” order.

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, this is probably the single most important addition needed for the game.

Gameplay is at the complete mercy of unit autonomy.

completely agreed! :smiley:

I’m heartily in favor of the proposal. While I don’t wish to have GSB become a micromanaged click-fest, I do wish my captains would cease their inefficient (often suicidal) foolishness. The minimum-range order would prevent this while retaining the flavor of the game.

I second this motion!

I concur. I like my fleets to keep their distance.

Adding my support to yet another request for this feature :smiley:

The number of threads asking for this orders shows how much we (the people who play the game and recommend it to friends) want it.