[suggestion] More variety in victory conditions


There’s a reasonable amount of variety in the victory conditions, but there could be more.
For one thing, maybe do stuff that forces the player to use different components of the game. I’ve hardly used the siberian stuff, and despite now finishing the intermediate level, I’ve barely used the multimixer or shaker. And I’ve never used either the sachet thing or the centrifuge.

  • Use one of each ingredient. (forces to explore and develop lots of lines).
  • Produce a single product that has 2,3,4 cure effects within it, all active. This will force use of the shaker/multimixer/sachet machine.
  • Produce n products that have no side effects.
  • Research everything
  • Research nothing
  • Analyze every cure. Or if that’s too much (probably), then every cure at a certain low level, or 4 cures at a high level.
  • Build and use n machines (of a certain type?).

Needless to say you can mix and match. But the current ones are all quite samey.


You might be a fan of Custom Games and/or Jackeea’s MOD (EffectOVerHaul2).

One of your suggestions is in a higher level Challenge/Scenario and some could be created in Custom.

This is example shot - there is one more condition , but I couldn’t show it - limited by the # u can include in any one game.

Last night I saw the 1st stream (for me) using Custom game - he pitted against an AI for Profit goal and particular cure tree - barely won. It was a nice game.

Also - Jackeea’s MOD added some cure lines and a bunch of ingredients (and upped the catalyst frequency, IIRC). The MOD didn’t include a Scenario.data but you could add one.

Or Create your own MOD (mostly the Scenarios.data - for the challenges/scenarios) to play with conditions.

I don’t think you can do the 2 research items or the machine build. the “analyze” every cure - not if you mean use the “analyzer”,( but seems the only difference from your first scenario is them being putting them through an analyzer).


I’d like to see scenarios where it’s required to maintain a sugar pill line of a certain negative value while doing objectives. It’d be worse than debt (can’t pay back, uses floor space etc.)

The current custom setup only tracks positive value drugs though I guess the simplest way to implement is to change the drop box selection to an input box.


I hadn’t seen the custom games yet, I was more referring to the scenarios.

The analyzer was indeed to do with using the analyzer, but potentially you could require use at various treatment levels,which would be different from needing the ingredients as you’d have to buld up lines and potentially destroy them when done.


I think you need to be able to put competitors out of business; maybe buying them out, or somehow otherwise affecting what they can do.

I don’t really trust the AIs, because you can’t see what they’re building, and they produce SO MUCH - it seems to me like they have at least ‘infinite space’ and none of the trouble with inputs and outputs and tiny, twisty rooms that the player has to contend with.


Use the “hire the mob” option - and order a hit, as seen in this thread:
“AI in Custom game doing nothing”

(jk, that was a bug/special situation).
I wouldn’t trust the AIs either, but Tim/Dev did post somewhere that they follow all the same rules/constraints that a player has (including buying plots and increasing plot cost), but don’t have to worry about actual plot configuration. I think he said there’s some formula that tries to mimic how many belts a player might have to place for a similar line based on various building/plot layouts.

You probably mean “see what they are doing in game”, but if you are curious, the .sav files do show information on what an AI is doing (what machines discovered, upgraded, ingredients discovered, upgraded, etc.).