[Suggestion] Multipe Features


Just bought the game! Awesome management game!

I was wondering how deep is going to be the game… Here some feature I was wondering if you will put in the game:

-Union barganing (dealing with strike, employee hapiness, kind of management, higher salary, etc…)

-Maintenance like Roller Coaster Tycoon (machine stop without maintenance, the maintenance has to move close to the machine, delay when you have a small maintenance team, etc)

-Will we manage a factory or a whole new car brand (like Tesla!?), will we be able to have multiple factory in different country with their speciality (Japan is great fiability, Mexico is cheap, etc.)

-Will we be able to manage marketing (ads, scandals, Car showroom, review by media)

-Will we have to manage the warrantly of the car?

Sorry for my english, I’m a french-canadian!


Yup, maintenance, ad campaigns…all this stuff is planned for the future! :smiley: