[SUGGESTION] Multiple UNDO Button

Multiple UNDO option…

  • Sometimes a player must experiment with the right layout, number of machines, etc before arriving at a final layout/design. It would be immensely helpful to have an UNDO button that could undo every prior action, one at a time. This would allow all “practice” or “experimental” purchases to be refunded at full value and for the prior layout to be restored without having to save/load prior to an experimental layout.

This has many practical examples:

  1. OOPS I bought a Ionizer instead of an Agglomerator. This simple error can have a huge impact if committed early in the game when money is tight.
  2. Blast! I forgot one machine in the process yet the entire line is built. Another money sucking error, mainly in belts and time.
  3. I’m not clear what this machine does or how to arrange it so let’s experiment! Hard to do when cash is tight.
  4. UNDOs could also be used for misapplied research points. OR add an “Accept” button before leaving the screen OR a “Refund” button should points be misapplied.

All of the above scenarios can be dealt with by save/load at the right time but it’s a pain and not very efficient.

Yes, this is a very fair suggestion. As always I have to say that I have a big list of stuff I’d like to improve so it’s all about prioritising. I will certainly add it to my list and see if I can get anywhere with it. :slight_smile:

I tottaly agree with you man!