[SUGGESTION] New orders/Current Order Improvement

I know these have been requested (well some of them maybe) by others, and i agree with them.

Cautious Formation: Basically a tie between cautious and formation. ships ordered with this will start in a formation, then break formation when they receive a certain amount of damage. say you have a big line of long-range frigates. you don’t want them to go anywhere until they are attacked. so, to fix this, one of them has no engines. all frigates are in formation with that frigate. if they go under attack, they will stay and get slaughtered instead of retreating. if you put cautious on, which one takes priority? Cautious, or formation? …Formation!

Formation and Escort (Existing): Currently you can’t put fighters to escort other fighters, or even have a formation with them. I’d love to see that change.

Carrier Order: Fighters only. Currently, if you use cautious for fighters, they will go to the carrier. Good. Uh-oh. There goes the last carrier. The fighters that still aren’t repaired will do nothing but fly to the edge of the screen. Can’t there be an order that makes fighters go to their carriers and NOT to the edge of the screen when there are no available carriers/no carriers at all?

Technically, these are only a few of my suggestions, but they’re the only ones order-wise.