[Suggestion] New uncancellble, sliders.csv


I wish you a great wednesday,

for 3 weeks I am working on a new mod/simulation for ‘Democracy 3’.

By creating and testing the components of my mod I have some suggestions to optimize the modding and make some ideas easier to implementate for the game.

a) Add new policy flags:

For my mod it could be very usefull to get some new flags.
I want to use the flag 'uncancellable’, but the slider of the policy is clamped at the value ‘0.5’.

My suggestion is, for example, to add the flags ‘uncancellble 2’ and ‘uncancelble 3’ to clamp the slider to ‘0’ and ‘1’ to create a policy with a fixed value for some effects by implementating.

b) Determine slider positions in the sliders.csv:

I searched for a way to determine a fixed slider position in the sliders.csv by implementating a new policy.

At the moment I can create a slider with, for example, 6 positions/sections, but I can not determine the start slider position at the moment.
Maybe you have an idea or you can change the sliders.csv with this suggestion.

I hope, I could give you some ideas to optimize the modding system and I am really looking forward for your answers. :slight_smile: