Suggestion: Offline campaign mode

Hey, I haven’t bought the campaign addon yet cause it needs an Internet connection. But I’d do it immediately if there were an offline option. Maybe there’s some way to implement this (yes, i know, user generated fleets only), maybe fleet packs with user generated fleets or a random fleet generator (or some kind of fleet generation AI). I’d totally buy it if it were modified in this way. This way you could have both the online mode (probably better), and an offline mode with different fleets (maybe that would also increase replayability).

I agree. i find myself lately becoming addicted to the internet, and would love to only use the houses shared laptop for browsing the net. but as it stands i cannot do this and still play the campaign. however it may be possible for cliffski to arrange an off-line version as the challenges can be downloaded onto the pc. maybe we could pay say £1 per update download to include new user generated maps and as a result only need to access the internet for the game once every month or so.

Yes, but it should be possible to port the updates/fleet packs from a computer that has Internet access to an offline system. I’d also be willing to pay extra money for an option to play offline. Please Cliffski: Read this thread!

Hello, gents! Over on the Modding Forum, we’re discussing a closely-related aspect of “internet-only” Galactic Conquest. That debate can be found here. A campaign that can only draw its opponent fleets from a server at Positech spells the doom of using modded content to “roll your own” threat forces. We modders really hope that we’re wrong about that. :confused:

I strongly encourage you to create a new thread about offline campaign mode over at the Suggestions Forum. It will have better visibility over there as a nucleus for more discussion.

OK, I posted it there. Thanks for the tip!

I think I have the best reason of all… I’m on dial-up here in the states! I recently bought GSB and the GC expansion (PURELY because it finally had a campaign now… I’m not very much into MP [dial-up again]) and although I haven’t even tried a campaign yet (I’m still learning the game via the AI challenges… it’s harder than I thought) I have a feeling when the time comes… staying on the internet… or having to connect at least EVERYtime I visit a new occupied planet (according to Cliffski… if I understood him correctly) is going to be a real hassle for me. NOT what I was hoping for.

I really hope Cliffski doesn’t make the GTB main campaign dependable on online connection, too.