Suggestion: Offline campaign mode

Hey, I haven’t bought the campaign addon yet cause it needs an Internet connection. But I’d do it immediately if there were an offline option. Maybe there’s some way to implement this (yes, i know, user generated fleets only), maybe fleet packs with user generated fleets or a random fleet generator (or some kind of fleet generation AI). I’d totally buy it if it were modified in this way. This way you could have both the online mode (probably better), and an offline mode with different fleets (maybe that would also increase replayability).
It should be possible to port the updates/fleet packs from a computer that has Internet access to an offline system. I’d also be willing to pay extra money for an option to play offline. Please Cliffski: Read this thread!

Not only do I support spillblood in his petition, but also want the option to add user-modded fleets to both the opposing forces as well as my own forces.

The modding community is concerned that the present implementation of Galactic Conquest seems to prevent the use of entire player-created races with their totally new hulls, equipment etc. I have no intention of sharing such content with other GSB players unless we agreed to play against one another with the same available pool of mods to draw from. A playing mode that allowed such offline functionality in the campaign would be simply wonderful. Until then, I have much less use for GC than most other players do. :confused:

I think I have the best reason of all… I’m on dial-up here in the states! I recently bought GSB and the GC expansion (PURELY because it finally had a campaign now… I’m not very much into MP [dial-up again]) and although I haven’t even tried a campaign yet (I’m still learning the game via the AI challenges… it’s harder than I thought) I have a feeling when the time comes… staying on the internet… or having to connect at least EVERYtime I visit a new occupied planet (according to Cliffski… if I understood him correctly) is going to be a real hassle for me. NOT what I was hoping for.

Yeah, an offline campaign mode should really be added. And Cliffski can keep the online campaign mode. There should simply be an option to play offline, maybe with fleet download packs (Cliffski could offer them) or some random fleet generator. He could make additional money with that if he’d charge extra money for that (but I’d be happy if it’d be free for campaign DLC owners). I’ll not buy the campaign until such an option is available.

Seconded. If I knew that I couldn’t play campaign mode offline, I wouldn’t have paid £5.00 for it. The page itself mentions drawing from other people’s fleets but doesn’t state you have to be online all the time to play it.

Thirded or fourthed or whatever.

I enjoyed the GSB demo and was going to buy the whole lot in one go (game and all DLC) until someone mentioned to me that the campaign required constant connection. I was a bit taken aback when I heard this and surprised to find it was true.
I play on a laptop mostly and don’t have a constant internet connection so this is a no go for me and to be honest, it’s put me off buying the entire game.

I don’t see a huge difference between this and UbiDRM. I have no guarantee that Cliffski will choose to, or even be able to keep the server running until I die.

I really don’t understand why some ‘default’ fleets couldn’t be included in the installer for use if no internet connection is available. You could even make it so that when connection is made, it downloads new the new fleets for future offline use.

At the risk of thread necromancy, I have to say I’d fully support an offline campaign system. I haven’t actually bought Galactic Conquest solely because of that lack. Having played a few of the posted challenges, and read a few posts/guides on these forums, I realised I wouldn’t get much enjoyment out of the campaign as it currently stands. I know full well I’m not going to be one of the better ship/tactic designers out there and playing purely against player fleets sounds more like hard work than fun.

Some of the tactics/ships used in the challenges (tanks, lures, fighter bait balls [my own name for the swirling mass of fighters surrounding one cruiser which trundles slowly through your fleet chewing them to pieces] etc) are NOT the tactics I want to be forced to use to compete.

Having an offline option with a selection of set fleets of varying sizes would certainly appeal to me. My favourite mission, including all the challenges I’ve played, is still Defend Caspian IV on expert. That’s a challenge whilst still being fun even when I lose while a lot of the player formed challenges (and I’m assuming online fleets) are just annoying and frustrating for a casual player like myself.

dial up!!! man that’s sad you need to upgrade

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