Suggestion on stats to be displayed

Thanks for the game, it’s great!

I have not seen the stat to understand which component uses most of the money to select what to make ourselves first.
I see the highest quantity but it may not be where the money goes most.
You need to multiply the quantity by the current market price, I know but it would make it easy to see this in a glance.


good point. I wonder if we should support a breakdown of the expenses pie chart maybe?

Hi Cliffski,

Thanks for answering; it is impressive to see what you have done and that you take time to read and discuss with players giving their ideas. I find this great!

A breakdown of the expense pie is one option; This could be by clicking on the component part of the current pie giving a new pie dedicated to components breakdown.

There may be another one. Personnaly, I am not using the price tab below

This could be the location of the new stats regarding component expenses

I have played a bit with the latest update 1.65. Good work you have done there

It seems the market and the component prices are more stable than before which makes it easier to understand when we really make money

Looking forward to you next video ;p

Le jeu. 10 janv. 2019 à 19:07, Cliff via Positech Games a écrit :

Yup I smoothed out the price fluctuations over longer periods so it was less annoying.
I doubt people spend much time on that screen, but I think its maybe useful as a place to show the prices when you are new to playing and have no idea, although arguable some of this data, like the wage levels, could perhaps make more sense in the factory stats now…
…but actually this is very much a FINANCE screen, hence its location, whereas the factory stats screen is all about production data.

It would also be nice to have an estimated cost to produce for each component.

I get prices fluctuate, but an estimate based on current raw materials cost and manpower would be nice to go with the actual amount spent stat.

As for the stat I keep trying to find is the percent within type. The graph always seems to imply that I am selling 100% of the cars in any area I sell in. (e.g i sold 4 Luxury Sedans, The gtaph shows the pie for that make/model is 2% of the total and it shows me selling all 2%.

If I am the only one selling luxury sedans, there is not enough competition. If others are selling Luxury sedans, I want to know what percent of the luxury sedan market I own.